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Lisa Ruoff - Artisan

My mediums as an artisan are quite varied, and tend to meld in with my green witch-iness. I am not the conventional artist who works with paints or music, but one who works with more unique forms such as mosaic tiled installations (showers/floors/backsplashes), mixed media wall art (driftwood/river rock/dried foods/slate tiles), and of course, food (see my Organic Chef page!).

With the latest renovation project of my 1820’s farmhouse, I found myself incorporating many natural, artistic features to the historic property. Mosaic tiled showers, floors, and hearths, twisted cedarwood handrails, rusty roofing shower stall, driftwood framed mirrors, and barnboard/stone wall hangings to name a few. Adding these natural splashes of creativity made mundane jobs such as hanging drywall or installing a bathroom so much more fun! And the final outcomes of the projects were rare, unique, and quite atypically beautiful. For me, the creative process is the flame that ignites my soul. All of my artisan work is one-of-a-kind, no reproductions.

I happily offer my down-to-Earth artisan work on a commission basis.
Please see some of my portfolio samples in pictures below


This bathroom installation is the shining star of this 1820's farmhouse in Vermont. The flooring is made from broken mismatched tiles, rocks from Lake Champlain, and pieces of broken pottery. The shower stall is tiled in an ocean theme and includes various sea creatures (sea stars, sea turtle, jellyfish, flowing kelp beds, and a seahorse). 


Farmhouse style table made from an old door found in a barn. Glass was specially ordered to fit the size.


Barnwood mirror made from pieces of old barnwood and driftwood and pieces of a large broken mirror. Size is approximately 3.5 ft x 3 ft

Wall hangings made from 1800's slate roofing tile and dehydrated food items. Hanger made with jute twine simply hangs on a small nail.


Kitchen sink backsplash made with tiles, broken tiles, and Lake Champlain beach rocks. Installation directly on drywall. 

To place an order for commission, or to speak about specific options, please email me at or give a call at 802-777-1266

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