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Hello! I'm Lisa. Welcome to my website!

It is time... After decades of carrying around my story in the form of journals, it is time to write the books.


Galavanting Goddess: Chronicles of a Life Well-Lived is a series of travel memoirs that follows the goddess of galavant (Lisa) through the twisting, winding path of her highly unconventional life of adventure that could often be described as chaotic abandon.  As explained by one reader, "Some may want to be like you while others will think you are absolutely crazy. Either way, they won't want to miss the gold in these pages!" 

The first in the series, Alaska to Cuba, focuses on her quest for thrills on the high seas. She departs her rural Alaskan cabin with a hunger to learn how to sail. Follow along on her 6 month journey through new friendships, romantic encounters, illegal border crossings, disgruntled captains, gut-wrenching seasickness, and plenty of awe-inspiring magical moments.
Throughout the publishing process, I will be holding contests for things like best author description and best book blurb, with super-cool prizes! Also, make sure to get on my email list for updates on pending publishing dates, as well as personal photos and memoirs from each adventure - not to be found in the published books. (My apologies in advance for those people included in past photographs. They will NOT be photoshopped!)

Join me on my quest to share my stories! I may not have the power to change the world, but I hope to be able to put a smile on your face or motivate another strong, independent woman to take a chance and live out loud!



Galavanting Goddess:
Alaska to Cuba and Back 



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